Meet Our Staff

Rich Tabaka | President

Rich Tabaka, Founder and President of Allied Resource Partners, has a hard-working entrepreneurial attitude in his DNA. His parents emigrated from Poland to America. Not only did they teach him how to reach for the “American Dream,” but when he was in high school they took out a loan on their house so that he could buy an undervalued property, renovate and resell it.

At the same, he worked as a caddy at a nearby golf course. And, through the Evans Scholar program, earned a full-ride scholarship to college where he attended the University of Colorado at Boulder. He completed in three years his degree in construction management and environmental design, which allowed him to extend his business into full-time custom home construction.

His business prospered, and Rich stayed ahead of the curve by redirecting it into bank foreclosure property management. He was well positioned to handle 2007’s “Great Recession” and sold his business in 2014 and then started a Paul Davis Restoration franchise that generates solid profits today.

The consummate entrepreneur, Rich looked for another tax-advantaged business in which to invest his profits and managerial skills. That’s when he discovered the excitement and opportunity in oil and gas. He “paid his dues” by learning and investing in several, and then developing, from his success in construction, a business model and approach that treat investors the way they should be. The result: Allied Resource Partners. Rich has built a management team and cadre of oil and gas talent that has years of experience in the geography and geology that Allied is targeting. Rich is married, lives in Denver, and balances working hard for his investors with a personal life that includes outdoor recreation and family activities.

Brennan Bandy | Chief Operating Officer

Brennan Bandy, Allied’s Chief Operating Officer, comes from a hard-working Kentucky family that taught him what drive and commitment can accomplish when reaching for excellence.  He balanced studies against grocery clerk, lawncare, and lifeguard experiences while in high school, advancing to construction and college cafeteria work while earning a degree in Business Communications with a minor in Spanish, from the University of Kentucky.

Graduating in 2003, Brennan took his dual passions – outdoors recreation and residential construction – to Denver where he teamed with Rich Tabaka to build a succession of successful construction-related businesses as the local economy grew. In true entrepreneurial spirit, they sold when they sensed the time was right, and teamed up again to launch another successful business Paul Davis Restoration of Greater Denver, while others stumbled in the aftermath of the “Great Recession.”

Now they are partnering again, making Rich’s newest business, Allied Resource Partners, the next success story. As C.O.O., Brennan coordinates all operations and provides strategic administrative guidance while Rich and his cadre of oil and gas professionals find, lease and develop money-making oil and gas limited partnerships.

Although he goes far beyond a 9-to-5 schedule, Brennan carves out enough personal relations time to share his outdoor activities – hunting, hiking, biking, and camping – with a circle of close friends.


Kwame adds his creative design and Internet/Relationship Marketing talents honed via 12 years’ experience working at mass media and transportation companies before joining Allied Resource Partners, where he uses his photography, video, and graphics skills to display Allied’s “Leading the way” tagline and branding.

Kwame earned from Grambling University a dual degree in Marketing and Tourism Management. Kwame utilizes his free time and considerable talents to run his own “personal care” company, bringing what he learns to his work at Allied.


Kelsy brings with her seven years of financial and investment experience, which has allowed her to gain experience in corporate banking and wealth management, underwriting, commodities, and finally, oil and gas. She is passionate about utilizing her knowledge and background to help Allied Resource Partners continue leading the way in modern, transparent oil and gas partnerships.

Kelsy uses her strong interpersonal and organizational skills to plan and monitor the day-to-day running of business and implementation of policies to ensure smooth process and continued growth.

Kelsy is currently pursuing a degree in Economics from the University of Texas at Dallas, and outside of her time at Allied, Kelsy is an impressionist oil painter and trains in working equitation

Vendors & Consultants

Unlike many of our competitors, Allied has no redundant overhead in its organization structure, instead hiring leading petroleum geologists, engineers, and operators we know from doing successful business face-to-face.

Not only do they collectively bring decades of relevant experience, but also the latest innovative technology. We have built a cadre of subject matter experts that partner with us as each of our projects move through all the stages of acquiring, drilling, and completing.