About Us

Allied Vision Statement

To be the premier, American independent oil & gas company leading the way for developing and presenting domestic, onshore oil & gas limited partnerships for accredited investors seeking tax-advantaged, high-return alternatives to traditional investments.

Allied Mission Statement

  • To extend the expertise of our core management team by networking with the best technology-and-innovation-driven industry consultants, partners and service companies leading to profitable limited partnerships.
  • To apply our in-house administrative and investor service excellence for collaborating with consultants, service providers, and investors, leading to long-term relationships.
  • To keep our investors’ interests foremost while treating our employees, industry partners and service providers with dignity and respect, maintaining the highest ethical standards in all business and environmental matters.

Allied Positioning Statement

America’s revitalized onshore oil patch uses the latest technology and operating methods to find and produce oil our nation needs. But all the independent oil & gas companies are stuck in the past when it comes to developing and presenting limited partnership investment opportunities to accredited investors who are seeking tax-advantaged and high return alternatives to traditional investments.

That’s why Allied Resource Partners is in business. We collaborate with our network of leading industry partners to prepare low-risk/hi-return investments offering tax advantages found nowhere else. We use the new “Marketing Paradigm” when offering them to accredited investors:

  •  Marketing is a garden in which we grow and nurture long-term win-win investment partner relationships.
  • We can’t “sell” anything to you. Our job is to facilitate your buying decision.

Unlike all the other independents who try to “sell” limited partnership units and then walk away, our job is to work with investors so they understand why an Allied Resource limited partnership may be the best investment to buy. And unlike most of the others, Allied’s financial interests are aligned with our investors. We don’t inflate prices, and we own part of every limited partnership we offer. We make money when our partners do!

All this is why Allied is “leading the way” for smart accredited investors to own real assets that strengthen America’s energy independence.