I’m Rich Tabaka, President of Allied and I personally want to thank you for visiting our landing page. Like you, I have worked hard, using talent and a bit of luck to accumulate wealth and I want to place it where it can earn a greater tax benefit and return than Wall Street.

I am an entrepreneur who fifteen years ago started my own construction company right after I graduated from college. Five years ago, I was ready to look for good investment opportunities besides real estate.

That’s when I learned about oil and gas limited partnerships. I fell in love with the oil and gas industry and all it has to offer. What things did I learn? Let me list three you’ll be most interested in:

  • Buyer Beware! There are many disreputable Independents promoting oil and gas partnerships. Now I know what red flags to look for.
  • · Even the best Independents are “stuck” in the old sales and marketing rut. They don’t understand the “Why-What-How” for working with today’s investors. I built my successful business following the new paradigm: Business is a garden in which we grow and nurture long-term client relationships.
  • · Even the best is burdened by the old ways of drilling and doing business. I am young, aggressive and schooled in all the new business practices. I have experience learned by building my own business. I have built a cadre of oil and gas professionals who know all the modern technologies.

So, I started Allied Resource Partners, a company that will “lead the way” for doing business the way YOU want and the way YOU deserve. I have a core management team that will help me make it so.

Allied Resource Partners is waiting to serve you. Fill out the form below to receive our investor guide to learn more.

Together we’ll see if direct investing in oil is right for you!

Rich Tabaka, Founder and President of Allied Resource Partners, has a hard-working entrepreneurial attitude in his DNA. His parents emigrated from Poland to America. Not only did they teach him how to reach for the “American Dream,” but when he was in high school they took out a loan on their house so that he could buy an undervalued property, renovate and resell it.

At the same, he worked as a caddy at a nearby golf course. And, through the Evans Scholar program, earned a full-ride scholarship to college where he attended the University of Colorado at Boulder. He completed in three years his degree in construction management and environmental design, which allowed him to extend his business into full-time custom home construction.

His business prospered, and Rich stayed ahead of the curve by redirecting it into bank foreclosure property management. He was well positioned to handle 2007’s “Great Recession” and sold his business in 2014 and then started a Paul Davis Restoration franchise that generates solid profits today.

The consummate entrepreneur, Rich looked for another tax-advantaged business in which to invest his profits and managerial skills. That is when he discovered the excitement and opportunity in oil and gas. He “paid his dues” by learning and investing in several, and then developing, from his success in construction, a business model and approach that treat investors the way they should be. The result: Allied Resource Partners. Rich has built a management team and cadre of oil and gas talent that has years of experience in the geography and geology that Allied is targeting. Rich is married, lives in Denver, and balances working hard for his investors with a personal life that includes outdoor recreation and family activities.