Why Invest Now

Why should I want to invest NOW in an Allied Resource Limited Partnership?

This is the third question you must ask yourself now. You have already decided you want to invest in limited partnerships offered by Allied. The time has come to convince yourself that “NOW” is the right time! Let’s see why.

No one can “time the market.” And since oil wells produce for many years, your investment continues paying throughout the swings of the market. Consider this “dollar cost averaging.”

Overall demand for oil and gas will continue growing. The developing world population is growing rapidly and demands more energy as its standard of living rises. Developed countries’ energy demand grows faster than conservation can offset. No one wants to abandon the comfort and convenience of our high tech/high energy lifestyle.

Oil and gas will continue to play a major energy supply role into the foreseeable future. The “green/renewable energy boom” is not “just around the corner”.

Domestic production of oil and gas will play an increasingly important role on the world market. The world cannot depend on OPEC, Russia or politically unstable South America.


Whether oil prices are high or low, we are only going to offer limited partnerships that make money for you. Remember: we make money when you do!

We acquired positions for our current project several years ago when there were bargains to be had. Our mark-up covers only what is necessary to cover our cost and keep the doors open.

We use our network of the best service companies to drill, complete and operate the wells cost-effectively.

We are forthcoming and honest. Our competitors sidestep questions you’ll want to ask because they are afraid of the truth: they don’t understand the kind of financial analysis you want to see, our investor guide does. Our competitors never say they don’t know what’s in the ground. We tell you right away that no one knows until the drill bit reaches “Total Depth,” but we offer a range of scenario outcomes that help you know what to expect.

We understand you might need help interpreting all the supporting documents and we’re set to explain them in concise, understandable terms.

“NOW” is the right time to buy into an Allied Resource limited partnership. We do limited partnerships the right way.

We hope you agree and are ready to contact us for all the documents you need. They contain specific information you should review.

We recommend you start by reading the Prospect Proposal. Think of it as a detailed explanation of what the limited partnership is all about and what financial projections look like.

Next, you should read (most investors just skim) the Private Placement Memorandum. It is long and rather complex because it is written by lawyers to satisfy strict Security and Exchange Commission regulations.

You are now ready for Allied to answer any final questions before you buy. We are ready to talk with you whenever you’d like. 

Welcome aboard!